JUU Ride

About Us

Agnibhu Technologies Private Limited, is a start-up incorporated in Hassan, Karnataka.

Story of JUU Ride

We being from a Tier 3 city and regular travellers across India, could see :

  1. Small & Light goods carriage vehicles, autos and taxis waiting in stands for days together with fewer or no rides.
  2. Drivers doing dead kms to go to the stands/returning empty/searching for a customer, wasting precious fuel which in turn contributes to the pollution.

At the same time

  1. Residents of small towns struggling to get an auto especially early morning or late-night hours or when they have heavy luggage or with small children or aged.
  2. Farmers being awake whole night to guard their produce on road side while waiting to get a goods carriage vehicle to take their produce to market.

Then came the trend of aggregators whose business model was not acceptable to large section of drivers.

All this led us to think on how we can make the driver a self-employed entrepreneur, getting the due respect and not being exploited, but incentivised to improve things and at the same time addressing the issues faced by residents of small towns and farmers. Thus, came the idea of JUU Ride to help the drivers increase their earnings and at the same time, focus on small towns and villages.

JUU Ride is a platform enabling the Drivers whom we call as Service Providers, to take their service to the Customers whom we call Guests. JUU Ride works on the motto of One India – One eStand and is a concept initiated for the benefit of drivers, thus changes the lives of at least 5 Million families, touching lives of no less than 200 Million Indians. JUU Ride is a single platform to fulfil all types of contract carriage requirements for an individual, be it for goods transportation or passenger transport. JUU Ride brings the benefits of digital technology to Tier3 and lower towns to improve the liveability. JUU Ride brings the same kind of convenience to smaller towns that is enjoyed by the Metro and Tier1 and 2 cities.

Vision of the Company

To Transform unorganized transport sector to become Customer Friendly & Super-Efficient.

Company Mission

  • One India – One eStand: Replace the physical Taxi stands, Autorickshaw Stands and Goods Vehicle stands by an eStand.
  • Improve the quality of life of individual drivers by reducing cost and increased efficiency.
  • Achieve best customer satisfaction by providing fast and reliable travel service.

Company Values

  • Honesty – Be Honest and Fair to all our stakeholders – Service Providers, Guests, Employees, Investors and Vendor Partners.
  • Passion – Be passionate in whatever we do.
  • Flexibility – Be flexible to adopt to changing environment, and Service Provider & Guest needs.
  • Accountability – Be Accountable to deliver what we commit.

Team Behind JUU Ride

Shankar Rudrapatna

Co-Founder & CEO

Shankar is a Post Graduate Diploma holder from NITIE Mumbai with 20+ years’ experience across Program Management, Project Management and Quality Assurance in wide range of organizations including services, captive, start-ups and MNCs.

Sandhya Srinivasa Rao

Co-Founder & Director

Sandhya is 7th Rank holder in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bangalore University. She has been socially very active, which allows her to bring the critical factors for success of the platform.

Veeresh Vastrad


Veeresh, Founder and head of operations Carvewing Solutions and Data for Decisions Pvt Ltd., is a BE and MS in Mechanical Engineering with 20 years of experience in Aerospace, Power generation and Industrial domain. He has experience of building the centre of excellence with 350+ engineers for Major Aerospace client. He is experienced in scaling the teams and bringing rapid growth to the company. Good at strategizing the operations and to meet the KPIs.



Vishwa, Founder and CTO of Carvewing Solutions and Data for Decisions Pvt Ltd., is a technically adept professional with 15+ years in building innovative solutions. He has worked with MNCs like Target and Oracle. Specializes in Cross Platform Mobile Application Development, eCommerce and Glocalization.



Shashi is an experienced product leader with a track record of companies that turn ideas into business success and market-leading products with a passion for innovation. Shashi carries a unique combination of skills such as customer experience, design thinking and product development activities.